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Attention everyone!

Hello readers! Nice to see you all after a long time. I was on a short hiatus that stretched kinda long (laughs). Nevertheless, from now I’ll be posting articles often; ) Thanks for cooperating! Good day!Man Kun


Don’t waste your time on silly things. . We, just in general, simply don’t get anything by holding grudges against someone, instead, we must focus on ourselves and our talents. That energy and that time wasted in anger and rueful emotions could be utilised in a better way. Taking an example, just say maybe someoneContinue reading “OPTIONS”


Patience has the power to solve things. 🤞🏻But most of the times people don’t have patience. So that’s why half of the time; things remain unsolved or lead to conflicts . Let’s say, in relations, if everything could be understood with patience, no relation ever would break due to misunderstandings. A fickle-minded person could beContinue reading “Patience”

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