The Selfish

Why are some people so selfish,

that they do not know how to express;


One thing I can tell is that

never spoil your mood

just because of such kinds of people.

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Love and Peace

Man Kun

P.S:- Image used above only for representational purpose.

Published by Man Kun

A budding author under the pen-name Man Kun Absolutely funny, relatable to gen-z and read-worthy posts & write-ups by the author give the readers immense pleasure.

7 thoughts on “The Selfish

  1. It’s a wonderful quote with a universal truth. Well said! Life is too unpredictable and it’s not worth it to spoil our good mood because of such kind of people.

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  2. Yes, great idea. Let’s not let ungratefulness spoil our mood. Let’s smile at the things that are wonderful in this world and share our gratitude outwardly. But lets not forget that we don’t really know what others are going through. Often those who are hurting the most seem ungrateful. Sometimes people have just been too spoiled. But you can never know for certain until you really get to know someone why they respond the way they do. Thanks for a thought provoking post Man Kun and for visiting and commenting on my blog. 🙂

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